Welcome to the BrewPi Store!

Welcome to the BrewPi Store!


We are based in the Netherlands, but ship worldwide. You can get a shipping quote in your shopping cart.


Our brewing temperature controller, the BrewPi Spark, is currently sold out.

We are preparing for a new production run of an updated version with the Spark Photon inside. They are expected to be back in stock around July 15.


HERMS parts

Our end goal is to offer a HERMS setup as a complete kit. We already offer HERMS coilskettle inlets, dip tubesfiltersheating element enclosurestubingcamlocksand more.

Some of our custom kettle inlets and outlets are currently out of stock as well. They are expected to be back in stock around July 1.


Shipping and discounts

We ship our products worldwide and you can get a quick shipping estimate by entering your postal code in the shopping cart.
International shipping can be expensive, but we want to help you out. We'll pay up to €15 of your shipping costs if you order over €250!