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Brewblox 1-Wire and GPIO module

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Brewblox 1-Wire and GPIO module

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Brewblox 1-Wire and flexible general-purpose I/O module for the Brewblox Spark 4.
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This I/O module plugs into the Spark 4 to expand it with four 1-Wire inputs and 8 flexible outputs.


One side of the module has 4 ports in which our 1-Wire temperature sensors can be plugged.

If you already have 1-Wire sensors from another company, note that the pinout of the RJ11 or RJ12 plugs differs per manufacturer. You will have to crimp a new RJ11 plug on your sensors. Only DS18B20 temperature sensors are supported.

The module is not compatible with thermocouples or RTD sensors like PT-100 or PT-1000. We will release a new I/O module for those in the future.

General-purpose Input/Output (GPIO)

The other side of the module has a terminal block with 8 flexible I/O pins and 2 power input pins.

The eight I/O pins can be assigned and configured from your Brewblox dashboard to adapt to what you want to connect.

You can directly plug in the following hardware:

  • SSRs
  • Small pumps
  • Relay coils and solenoids
  • Motors (one-directional and bidirectional)
  • Fans
  • Valves (solenoid or motor)
  • Switch inputs

When you connect an external power supply, the I/O module can switch 1A per pin, and up to 24V.
For motors that require more than 1A, you can combine multiple pins to switch 2, 3 or 4A.

In most cases, you will use 2 pins per device, so each board can drive 4 outputs.

All I/O pins have built-in fast PWM support (80/100/2000Hz) and fault detection (overcurrent. open-load and overtemperature).

We include 5 of the green/orange pluggable terminals with each module.

Power input and I/O voltage

The module can also take power from the Spark 4 if only low-power devices are connected. 5V only can be powered from USB-C. Up to 24V 600mA can be powered from the Power-over-Ethernet input of the Spark 4.

The I/O-module can also be powered with 12-24V on the 2-pin terminal block to switch higher-power devices. This will provide power to all connected modules and the Spark 4 itself.

For each module individually, the I/O-pins can be set to use the external voltage (12-24V) or the internal 5V.
It is not possible to use a different external voltage on each I/O module.