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High flow HERMS coil (3-way parallel)

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High flow HERMS coil (3-way parallel)
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HERMS coil with 3 parallel tubes for extra high flow, ending in one fitting.


HERMS coil with 3 parallel tubes for extra high flow, ending in one fitting.

After a certain point, you cannot make a coil more efficient by adding length. The extra length will increase friction and reduce the flow rate: less flow for only a small gain in output temperature. Our test showed maximum temperature exchange at 7.5m, which is the length of our single HERMS coil.

We came up with a solution though. This triple HERMS coil adds extra length but does it by placing 3 coils in parallel. More surface area, but less friction and an increased flow rate! If your mash tun is over 70 liters, we recommend using this coil.

  • The inner coil is 5 loops of 30cm diameter
  • The middle coil is 4 loops of 35cm diameter
  • The outer coil is 4 loops of 40cm diameter.

The inner loop is longer to balance the flow between the shortest and longest coil.

By having the coils inside each other, the hight of the total coil is much lower, without sacrificing length. This means you can have less water in your HLT to submerge the coil. With less HLT water you can use a higher temperature difference between HLT and MT without overshooting.

4 silicone O-rings are integrated into the fittings and locknuts and will be fully enclosed by stainless steel once mounted. Two reducers from 1" to 1/2" BSP are included.

  • Stainless steel 304
  • Total tube length: 14.1 meter (4.7m + 4.4m + 5.0m)
  • Height between fittings: 10cm
  • Minimum kettle diameter: 44 cm
  • Thread: 1" BSP, with 1" to 1/2" BSP reducer included
  • Hole punch needed: 32.5mm