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Whirlpool Inlet Kit 1/2" BSP - 25 cm

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Whirlpool Inlet Kit 1/2" BSP - 25 cm
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25cm long kettle inlet with two 90 degree bends and 1/2" BSP fittings with integrated O-ring


Whirlpooling the wort can gather your hops and trub in the center of the kettle, so you can siphon clear beer from the side. Note that this does require a powerful pump.

This kettle inlet first goes down and then bends to the side. It has a flat nozzle for higher exit velocity resulting in a more powerful whirlpool. The input is above the water level to prevent backflow and the output is below water level and sideways, so it will create a whirlpool in the wort.

The BrewPi fitting and locknut will make it very easy to install and will guarantee a watertight seal.

This inlet comes in 3 heights: 25 cm, 35 cm and 45 cm. This height is from fitting center to outlet.

The 25 cm is recommended for a 35-45 cm high kettle.
The 35 cm is recommended for a 45-55 cm high kettle.
The 45 cm is recommended for a >55 cm high kettle.

Tube outer diameter: 12mm
Tube Inner diameter: 10mm
Material: SS304 stainless steel
Thread: 1/2" BSP