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BrewPi/MattMill Lauterhexe Kit

BrewPi/MattMill Lauterhexe Kit

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Innovative grain/hop filter from Germany: easy to use, easy to clean.

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We developed this product in collaboration with MattMill.

We saw the MattMill Läuterhexe and really liked the product, except for the standard tee-fitting that was used. On all of our kettle inlets and outlets, we had those nice face sealing fittings with integrated O-ring. The mash tun should be no exception! So we decided to design a custom tee for the Läuterhexe to screw into: a shiny and easy to clean fitting, with our trusted face sealing O-ring groove. We now buy the Läuterhexe from Mattmill and combine it with our own tee.

The tee is available with a 1/2" BSP or 1/2" NPT threaded fitting.

Installing the tee is easy to do. The only thing you will have to do is to make a hole in your kettle with a 21mm hole punch, put it through the hole, and put a locknut on the outside. 

MattMill LäuterHexe

The LäuterHexe is a German invention, and it is a brilliant new way to filter wort. Filtering is achieved by the slits in the spiral: when the spiral is bent, small slits are created between the wires. The degree of filtering depends on the bending radius: a larger radius fill results in finer filtering.

The Läuterhexe is very easy to use: you can dump your grains right onto the spiral. When mashing is done, you just unscrew the spiral from the tee and rinse it off. You can even put it in the dishwasher. Clean up has never been so easy.

 Sizing recommendations

It is now possible to order a 3-legged claw with the Läuterhexe to help you create more bends and open up the filter. This really helps flow in bigger kettles.