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Mark's Bottle Washer Add-on

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Mark's Bottle Washer Add-on
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Bottle washing addon for Mark's Keg Washer


Do you like recycling bottles, but hate the often necessary work of scrubbing them clean? This add on system to Mark's Keg and Carboy Washer makes the task of cleaning bottles a walk in the park. Never again have to scrub out bottles, or worry about whether anything is left over to spoil your beer. Simply set up Mark's Bottle Washer system, and let it do the work for you! This add on will use the basin and pump from the Keg and Carboy washer, and direct the water through a manifold, which ends in powerful jets to clean your bottles. The cleaning solution drains back to the basin to be recycled through the system again!

Mark's Bottle Washer is designed to work as an add on to Mark's Keg and Carboy Washer. The system contains 3 components: the 8-jet manifold, the drip pan and the 2 trays.


  • The manifold includes 8 jets to allow for enough water pressure in each bottle for a thorough cleaning. You wash 8 bottles, flip the tray around and wash 8 more bottles (one bottle gets washed twice)
  • Since the trays of bottles are heavy, we even developed a special cross-arm approach to flipping the bottles without having to set the tray down
  • The drip pan allows you to drop the pre-loaded trays onto the 8 jets. This is the key to making the bottle washer efficient. You load all your bottles into the 2 trays; then you can wash, rinse and sanitize them all without having to remove them from the trays.

Please Note: This is an add on system for Mark's Keg and Carboy Washer, and will not function without that base (sold separately).