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12V immersable pump (for cooling with glycol)

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12V immersable pump (for cooling with glycol)
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12V immersable single-phase brushless DC pump (for cooling with glycol)



Immersable 12V single-phase brushless DC pump, for cooling with glycol.

The body of the pump is made of PPE and the bearing is made of Graphite.

Product Specifications:

Voltage 12V
Operation Voltage 6-18V
Current 1.4A
Working Continuous
Input power 16.8W
Speed 5500 RPM
Maximum flow rate 9L/min
Maximum water head 5m
Operation temperature (motor)        100°C / 212°F
Noise ≤40dB
Ambient temperature  -20°C-50°C
Liquid temperature ≤50°C