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BrewPi Spark 3

BrewPi Spark 3
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Our latest and greatest brewing temperature controller


The BrewPi Spark 3 is the next iteration of our brewing temperature controller.

It will keep your beer temperature within 0.1 degrees of the setpoint and send your brewing data to a webserver in your own house via WiFi or USB.

No sensors are included with the controller. We sell many types of sensors and solid state relays separately, so you can adapt your order to what YOUR brewery needs. We like to keep it modular and flexible.

See, that's why we keep it flexible and modular!

Sensor inputs

The BrewPi Spark 3 has 5 RJ12 ports for sensors and expansion boards. The Spark is only compatible with DS18B20 OneWire sensors. It is not compatible with thermocouples and RTDs like a PT-100.

SSR Outputs

The BrewPi Spark 3 has 5 digital outputs for actuators, which it drives with a fully customizable PWM signal. You can set the switching period, minimum ON time, minimum OFF time and a minimum time for switching between heating and cooling. This ensures safe operation for fridge compressors and will prevent short cycling.


You can power the BrewPi Spark via USB or via the 12V input. A power supply is not included, but available from the store.

Powering via the 12V input is only needed if you want to use our motorized ball valve control expansion board.

For this new model, we have 2 actuator outputs, 2 sensor inputs and power inputs all on the bottom, so you can have all your cables exit on the bottom for a neat cable layout. On the top, there are 3 sensor inputs and 3 outputs. Dust caps are included.


The BrewPi Spark is built with high quality components and it is made in the Netherlands. It has been CE-tested and and every device is functionally tested before it is shipped.


Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Amazing :)
Great product. I currently use the spark 3 to control 3 kettles (rims) and 1 fermenter.
Review by Hellrazr / (Posted on 2/15/2022)
Great idea - programming aspect is not cool
Since no one has a review up yet, I think its only fair that with this purchase, there is quite a bit amount of programming you're going to have to do to even get it working. Ive spent over a day trying to get mine out of "hardware testing mode" and still haven't been able to use it currently but am hoping that once accomplished and setup it will be what I have been looking for. Just know there are extra steps and not a simple plug and play device in which one would think it would be.
Review by Nathan / (Posted on 3/28/2018)

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