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Electronic speed control board for TD5 pump

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Electronic speed control board for TD5 pump
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Pump speed control board for our TD5 pump


Our custom TD5 pump has an internal speed control circuit, which is controlled with a 0-5V analog input signal on the blue wire. We designed a custom control board to generate this signal. You can mount this control board in your brewing panel for easy access, so you can remotely set the speed of the pump.

The pump control board has a potentiometer with knob for manually setting the pump speed and a digital PWM input. It will use whichever signal is highest.

If you leave the digital input unconnected, the knob just controls the speed.

If a digital input signal is connected, the controller works like this:

  • Turn knob fully counter-clockwise untill it clicks: pump switches off completely regardless of digital input signal.
  • Turn knob clockwise just past the click: pump is now enabled and accepts a digital input signal.
  • Turn knob further clockwise: pump speed is set by knob position (or digital input if it is higher)

A screw terminal jack plug is included. Please also see our cables for 3 wire cable to make a longer cable between pump and control board.


This pump speed board is not suitable for other 24V pumps, only for the TD5 with internal speed control. The speed control is inside the pump, this board just generates the control signal.