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Mark's Keg Washer (Mark II)

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Mark's Keg Washer (Mark II)
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Automated keg and carboy cleaning system


The mark II keg Washer reduces the time it takes to clean and sanitize your kegs, carboys, and buckets. Simply fill the reservoir with cleaner or sanitizer, place the vessel over the sprayer, and plug it in. This great automated device frees you to complete other tasks while it works.

The reservoir also contains space to soak small items like airlocks and stoppers. The mark II keg Washer should be the first piece of equipment you set up and the last you put away.

Highly efficient reuse of cleaning solution means you can use just a fraction of the solution you would use for soaking fermentors, which saves money on cleaners and reduces water use.

Keg cleaning design allows you to pump cleaning solution through your liquid tubing, disconnect, dip tube, and keg all at the same time, without disassembling anything!

An attachment to clean bottles is also available and sold separately.


This is the EU-version, it comes with a 230V pump. Not suitable for use in the US. Hose barb attachments are included. Ball lock disconnects for kegs are not included.