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Incoloy 3-Phase Heating Element 8500W

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Incoloy 3-Phase Heating Element 8500W
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Incoloy 800 ultra low watt density 3-phase heating element for brewing.


This heating element is made of Incoloy 800, a super alloy more resistant than stainless steel. The base of the element is made of SS304 stainless steel.
The current for each phase is much lower than with a single phase element.

This 8500W element has a length of 38.5 cm inside the kettle and has 3 loops. The tubes of the element have a diameter of 8mm. Each loop has a resistance of ~18 Ohm.
For brewing, you want a low watt density element: the power per square centimeter should be as low as possible to prevent scorching. This element has an ultra low watt density of 15W per cm2.

See the table below for the how much current the element will draw.

We recommend to connect this element in a star configuration, which each loop of the element between phase and neutral. If your electrical system does not use a voltage of 230V between phase and neutral, consult your electrician for other options. The elements come with 4 jumpers that allow you to use them in a star or a delta configuration. They also have a screw on the back for grounding.

Voltage 3 phase 230 V (star) 3 phase 240 V (star)
Power 8500 W 9250 W
Current 3 x 12.3 A 3 x 12.8 A


Please note that locknuts for this element are sold separately. We also sell complete mounting kits for these elements that help you neatly cover the dangerous high voltage wiring. 


Note: always consult an electrician for advice and help with wiring your elements! Under no circumstances should these be used without proper wiring, ground fault circuit protection and overcurrent circuit protection.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Voltage 230V or 3 x 230V
Watt density 10
Power at 230V 8500 W
Current at 230V single-phase 37 A
Current at 230V 3-phase 3 x 12.3 A
Thread 1.5" BSP
Hole punch size 47 mm

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