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Weldless Whirlpool Inlet Kit 1/2" BSP

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Weldless Whirlpool Inlet Kit 1/2" BSP

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Extra long kettle inlet with two 90 degree bends and 1/2" BSP fittings with integrated O-ring
Sealing Locknut (1/2" BSP)   +€4.00 (+€4.84 Incl. Tax)
2 x 212 Silicone O-ring (7/8" ID, 1-1/8" OD)   +€1.00 (+€1.21 Incl. Tax)

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This kettle inlet first goes down and then bends to the side. It has a flat nozzle for higher exit velocity resulting in a more powerful whirlpool.

  • Input is above water level.
  • Output is below water level and sideways, so it will create a whirlpool in the worth.

Whirlpooling the wort can gather your hops and trub in the center of the kettle, so you can siphon clear beer from the side. Note that this does require a powerful pump.

The BrewPi fitting and locknut will make it very easy to install and will guarantee a watertight seal.

This inlet comes in two heights: 25 cm, 35 cm and 45 cm. This height is from fitting center to outlet.

The 25 cm is recommended for a 35-45 cm high kettle.
The 35 cm is recommended for a 45-55 cm high kettle.
The 45 cm is recommended for a >55 cm high kettle.

Tube outer diameter: 12mm
Tube Inner diameter: 10mm
Material: SS304 stainless steel
Thread: 1/2" BSP


Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

Nice whirlpool arm, need modification, to work optimal.
The whirlpool arm works brilliant as long as its not clogged. Due to the end being pressed or flattened to a few mm slit, it does however clog very easily. I will have to cut off the end of it the arm where it narrows to make sure small grains/hops etc doesn't clog it, and makes it useless. But the fastening to the kettle etc works very well.

Answer (Elco): we assume you have a filter to also prevent pumping grains/hops through your pump. But if you want a wider opening, I would just insert a screw driver and pry it open a bit. The whirlpool is better with the flat end though.
Review by Per / (Posted on 4/21/2017)